Liquid Times

OZMOTIC is back with Liquid Times. The new album released on March 2016

Liquid Times is a musical and visual project by OZMOTIC.

with Christian Fennesz

remixes by Frank Breitschneider and Senking

This album marks a more electronic and international turning, embracing IDM, ambient, nuances from techno, noise and glitch music. Christian Fennesz continues to collaborate on two tracks (and live). Noteworthy two remixes by the German producer Senking (with whom OZMOTIC began a collaboration live) and Frank Breitschneider, both affiliated with the legendary label Raster Noton.

Live bookings: Danilo Cardillo – Basemental

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Liquid Times Mixtape



Liquid Times Teaser

The diaspora of the world. Any big city is a collection of diasporas. Diasporas of religions, languages, cultures, ethnic groups and architectures. Humanity is surrounded in a reality without barriers, where the boundaries of all kinds are liquified and cities appear as non-places.

Globalization defines the social context that Bauman calls “liquid modernity”. It is, in the words of the Polish sociologist, “a civilization of excess, oversupply, scrap and waste disposal.”

Inspired by the interlacing of cultures which arise within contemporary cities and the continuous metamorphosis to which they are subjected, Liquid Times filches “sound tracks” of different cultures and contexts immersed in urban and epic rhythms. It “sculpts” lunar and hypnotic paths within a stream that sees acoustic instruments of ancient origin becoming generators of digital signals and software synthesis to create imaginative musical sounds.

In this new work the ‘organic’ component represented by the use of musical instruments (soprano sax and percussion) maintains its presence and is enriched by increased interaction with electronics, creating a language that explores new possibilities in sound generation and manipulation in real time. The disc is full of sounds that gravitate around IDM and to ambient music with elements from techno, glitch music and noise-drone.

Liquid Times amplifies the international journey undertaken by OZMOTIC, continuing the collaboration with the famous Austrian guitarist Christian Fennesz, who is now present in two tracks (Remembrance and Diaspora), as well as two esteemed German producers: Senking and Frank Breitschneider – both are affiliated with the legendary label Raster Noton - for the remix of Rhyzome and Sliced Reality.

Great attention, as always, to the images: OZMOTIC meticulously curates the component of live videos, giving life to a project that has real time audio video interaction, one of its unique characteristics.


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